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Executive Board Nominees 2021-2022

  • What is a Chair & how do I become one?
    A chair is the person(s) responsible for making sure their assigned tasks are completed for each show. They attend regular production meetings and make sure the theatrical, administrative, artistic and production elements are complete. Chairs may also delegate tasks to those within the group and train those who are interested in becoming a chair. To become a chair, contact the current Vice President (Executive Board), and they will give you information on how to proceed. Please refer to the list of chairs on the "Contact Us" page to know what positions need to be filled. Note: It is ideal for us to have two people serving as chair and assistant chair for each field. If the position you are interested in is filled, you may still contact the Vice President to ask how you can help, or if they are interested in adding a second assistant chair.
  • What are the "Red Masquers"?"
    The Red Masquers takes its name from a style of performance in the 17th and 18th century called a masque. The masques were elaborate court performances for European elite including singing, dancing, acting, and pageantry. By calling ourselves the Masquers, we are the people that partake in such performances. We may not do masques in their style, but we certainly do put on performances including the same theatrical elements! The Red part of our name is a connection to Duquesne University and our school colors – red and blue.
  • Are there any requirements to be a Red Masquer?
    To become a Red Masquer, you must: Be a current Duquesne student Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher Acquire crew hours
  • Do I have to be a Theater Major to participate?
    No; Red Masquers can come from any major and any grade level (undergrad, graduate, PHD students, law students, etc.).
  • Do you perform musicals?
    The Red Masquers primarily focus on performing plays of varying styles and time periods, including musicals!
  • If I submit a play that I've written, will you perform it?"
    Our season is decided entirely by our faculty advisor, John Lane. We generally do not accept submissions. However, if you are a Duquesne student, faculty member, or Red Masquers card holder, you are allowed to submit a play for our Premieres performance in May.
  • Where can I meet Red Masquers?
    You will find the board and Red Masquers in the Genesius Theater. Please come anytime to the Green Room to bring up any concerns, or if you want to hang out! You are ALWAYS welcome! Note: If you do not know where the Green Room is, feel free to reach out to the Executive Board for a tour!
  • Who is eligible to audition?
    The Red Masquers is a student organization, so our auditions are limited to Duquesne students and, on occasion, faculty members and alumni. As long as you are a student, you can audition. You do not have to be a Theater major, you do not have to have prior experience, you just have to want to audition – simple as that.
  • What is the audition experience like?
    When you arrive at the audition, whomever is working at the table will hand you a sheet to fill out that asks basic questions such as name, grade, conflicts, and previous experience. Once you finish filling that out, you will be given sides from the script of the show. Sides are just a short 1-2 page selection from the play. You/you and your scene partner(s) will be given a few minutes to practice the scene. When you are ready, you will be taken into the audition room. The director may ask you your name and what side you have. From there, you will perform the scene. Feel free to improvise movement. You have a playing space – use it! Make sure you do not do anything involving your scene partner that they are uncomfortable with. When you are done with the scene, the director may ask you a few questions, and you may even be asked back to read more sides. You can generally expect to be there for about 15-30 minutes. You should expect to hear back within 48 hours of the final audition day.
  • Do I have to be at the audition the whole time?
    You can arrive at any point in the given time frame, although it is best to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the end of the auditions. You should expect your audition to last between 15-30 minutes, but do be prepared for anything. If you have any conflicts like class or work that limit your time frame, please let whomever is working at the audition table know so they can fit you in accordingly.
  • If I miss/can't come to auditions, can I still perform in the show?"
    Except under extremely rare circumstances, no. All casting decisions are typically made right after the final audition or within the next 24 hours. If there is an extenuating circumstance preventing you from attending auditions, please e-mail the Executive Board, and we will see if we can accommodate your needs. We will get in contact with the director and figure out if there is anything that can be done. If you forgot/did not know about the auditions and would still like a chance to be involved, e-mail the Vice President (Executive Board). In the event that someone were to drop out, you would be a potential replacement. Also, we may have a job for you as an assistant stage manager. If not, the VP can inform you of any upcoming crew opportunities that we have so you can help with the production.
  • If I'm not cast, what do I do?"
    You can always help at crew even, if you are not cast. If you aren't interested in that, keep your eyes open for the next auditions because there is always a next time! We love to see familiar faces and encourage everyone to particpate in other ways (set building, costume designing, 24 Hour Play Festivals, etc)!
  • Where can I purchase tickets for the performance?
    All tickets can be purchased online or at our box office on the night of the show. To purchase them online, click the button on the Home Page that says "Purchase Tickets Here!" The box office will open approximately one hour before curtain. At all performances, we will accept donations to the Keenan-Lane Scholarship at the box office as well.
  • How early should I arrive before a performance?
    We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early. Doors open to the public 30 minutes before the start of the show.
  • Is there assigned seating?
    No, we do not assign seats. For this reason, we recommend arriving early to ensure that your entire party can sit together.
  • Can I record or photograph the show?
    Absolutely not. While it may preserve your memory of the show, it is highly distracting to the actors on stage as well as illegal due to copyright laws. We post photos from all of our productions on our facebook page for your enjoyment. So, like our page!
  • Can I eat or drink in the theater?
    Food and drink are not permitted inside the theater.
  • How do I get to the Genesius Theater?
    The brand new, Genesius Theater is located right next to the Mary Pappart School of Music. You can locate the building by taking Seitz Street or Locust Street.
  • If you submit a play that I've written, will you perform it?"
    Our season is decided by our faculty advisor, John Lane. We generally do not accept submissions; however, if you are a Duquesne student, faculty member, or Red Masquers card holder, you are allowed to submit a play for our Premieres performances in May.
  • I'm only interested in acting. Do I have to help with crew?
    As per our constitution, if you are cast in a show, you are required to attend at least two crews per production or you forfeit the right to audition for the next show. Since this is an educational organization, this rule is to ensure that our members are well versed in the entirety of the theater, not just one part of it. There are no Red Masquers who are just actors or just crew – everyone has an opportunity to do both! Similarly, if you are given an Assistant Stage Manager position after auditioning for a show, it is recommended that you accept the position anyway. Even though it's not an acting role, it is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.
  • How do I get involved with stage crew?
    Contact our current Vice President (Executive Board) to let them know you are interested in helping out. They can let you know what opportunities are available. Also, you can always keep an eye out for the Red Masquers Facebook page and sign up for our e-mails; we announce a lot of our opportunities through those forums.
  • If I don't know how to build a set, can I still come to crew?"
    Building the set is one portion of what we accomplish at our crews. Not only that, but we can always teach you how to build if you are interested! Other opportunities include painting, lighting, finding/organizing props, and costumes. Never feel like you have to know how to do something to attend a crew. Since we are student organization, we are interested in giving opportunities for learning to students who are hoping to become well-rounded individuals in theatre.
  • How long do crews normally last?
    You can come and go as you need, but crew typically lasts 4–6 hours.

Voting begins Friday, April 23 at noon and runs through Friday, April 30 at 11:59 PM on the Red Masquers' Campus Link page.

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