Executive Board Nominees 2020-21

Presidential Nominees

Heather Umbel

Hello fellow Red Masquers, my name is Heather Umbel and I would like to be your Red Masquers President. For those of you who do not know me well, I am a junior Theater Arts major with a minor in Business. I currently serve as the Red Masquers Sound Chair, and prior to holding this position I worked as the Assistant Sound Chair. Throughout my time in this organization I have learned and grown so much. As someone who entered college never having worked in theater before, I accredit all of my theater related knowledge and experiences to the Red Masquers. Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to Assistant Stage Manage and Stage Manage multiple productions. I have learned how to operate the sound system and have developed skills as a Sound Designer and Technician. As well, the Red Masquers have helped me establish directing and producing skills through my experiences with the One Acts for Charity this past fall, where I served as a director, and the Spring 2020 Play in a Day, where I worked as the Assistant Producer.

The Red Masquers, for me, has always been a place of learning, opportunity, and friendship. Past masquers invested their time in me so I could acquire and develop my theater skills, allowing me to evolve into an essential part of this community. Their patience and confidence in me is something I will always be grateful for. As your Red Masquers President I want to encourage a stronger environment of learning and opportunity. Coming out of a season that, unfortunately, did not welcome many new faces to the organization, paired with the upheaval we faced this past semester, I believe it is essential that we make an effort to find new members who are excited to learn a variety of new skills, and want to progress into the individuals who will one day support this community. However, finding those people is not enough, we must make an effort to welcome them into our organization and provide them with time, patience, and support. They cannot flourish without our help, and we are responsible for passing our education and experiences onward like those before us. We are not only liable for the present, but also for facilitating a future for the Red Masquers. Putting more energy into ensuring our new members are well educated in their roles will promise success in our theater for the years to come.

The Red Masquers have drastically changed the direction of my college career by leading me to major in Theater Arts. I have learned countless lessons regarding theater, and life in general over the last three years. I hope to carry the lessons I’ve learned here into my presidency, and use them to help other members realize their potential professionally and personally. I look forward to creating fantastic pieces of theater with you all for one more season! I hope you will consider me for Red Masquers President. It would be an honor to lead you all through this upcoming season.

V.P. Nominees

Travis Barkefelt

My name is Travis Barkefelt and I'm running for Vice President. The reason why I want this is I feel having a board position will allow me to make a larger impact in the Red Masquers and for the chance to have more say in what happens in the organization. I want to work to bring more freshman and new people to the Red Masquers and to make the theater feel like the home I know it can be. I want to be in a position where I can reach out to people and provide them guidance and help to deal with any problems that may arise. I feel I am well equipped for this position due to my extremely active participation in the Masquers as well as my work as Social Chair for this past school year. On top of this, I just love this organization and want to play any role I can in making it the best it can be.

Secretary Nominees

Olivia Scherrer

My name is Olivia Scherrer and I believe I would be a great Secretary for the Red Masquers because I have been adamantly trying to get more students involved, and becoming the informant for the activities will help me share everything our company has to offer! I also am in a number of other clubs who would love to partner up with Red Masquers, thus creating a cycle of exposure and positive light on this club. In addition to this, I want to get to know more of the Masquers. I will be branching out this year instead of limiting myself as an actor, and I think becoming a member of the board will give me the chance to interact with both current and new members at a different level.

Hannah Schmidt

My name is Hannah Schmidt and I would like to be nominated for the position of Secretary. Throughout my time with the Masquers I have realized how vital communication is for our program. After all theatrical productions require teamwork and that is only possible through effective communication. Knowing how frustrated and upset everyone can get when they do not know what is going on proves that the position of Secretary is vital. I want to be the Red Masquers Secretary to ensure that we are creating a well informed and positive community within our organization. My overall goal would be to inform fellow Red Masquers and Alumni of any information that they may require. I also plan on holding my fellow members accountable for their jobs and attending crews. Not only that but I would continue to be as active as I can within the organization and would hopefully be someone who people could come to if they had any problems that they want or need advice on.

Historian Nominees

Olivia Donia

My name is Olivia Donia, and I am running for the position of Historian of the Red Masquers. As Historian, I would like to keep a record of all the work we do in the organization. As assistant chair of AD/PR, I already have experience in photographing productions and cataloging them on the website. In the role of historian, I would like to support the board and make sure all of the hard work done by the company goes documented for future Masquers to come, as well as resurrecting the beloved Framed™ tradition. My own journey with the Masquers began when I was a freshman, and the growth both I and the organization have seen in just the short 4 years since then has been something I’d like to document. I’d be honored to serve as the historian for the Masquers in my final year with the company

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