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Executive Board Nomination Speeches


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Hi everyone!


My name is Susan Betten, and I am running for president of the Red Masquers. With this position comes responsibilites of the organization of the executive board, planning and running of meetings, acting as a representative for the organization on and off campus, and doing everything I can to ensure that next year runs smoothly. These are all responsibilites I have been prepared for and am excited to take on!


I've been a Red Masquer since my first semester freshman year, and I've been involved in every production in some capacity ever since. I've been an actor, costume designer, director, stage manager, producer - you name it. And on top of that, my time as vice president this year has allowed me to become well aquainted with the responsibilties of all of our departments and our executive board. I know how much work goes into a successful season for everyone involved, and I want to ensure that everyone in this organization feels supported and well-equipped physically and mentally to create the art they love.


The Red Masquers is a fantastic organization, and I'm honored to be a representative of it. I love putting work into it because you all make it worthwhile. I'm excited to talk to prospective students and freshmen because I know for certain that there is a place for them here and opportunities for them to grow. I'm excited to continue to plan meetings and produce Premieres and Play in a Day because I love being able to share opportunities and help create memories that are meaningful. You can count on me to be organized, respectful, professional, and an advocate for everyone in this organization. I am ready and willing to be the best president I can be!




Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Troiani and I am running to be your Red Masquers Vice President. I’m a rising Junior double major in Theater Arts and History with a certificate in Public History. I also served as your props chair for the 2022-2023 season, designing and providing assistance for SpongeBob, Mud, Burlesque on the Bluff, and Serenade. I love this organization and would be honored to be your vice president.


I would love to create a welcoming and inclusive space for new and current masquers alike. One aspect of this organization that I enjoy is how everyone knows everyone, and I think emphasizing that is important. No matter how or when you get involved with the masquers, you always have a space here. 


One of the main duties of the Vice President is being the liaison between the director/stage manager of each production to make sure the chairs/ designers are doing their duties. I have experience running a team within the props department this year and in my past theater experiences. I will be as available as possible for each chairperson if they have any issues or concerns within their department, or just need someone to talk to. I know the stressors that come with being a chairperson, so I will try to ease worries as much as I can. I’ll make sure all of the shows run smoothly and all involved are in the loop and excited to work! 


I am also ready and willing to oversee Play in a Day, One Acts, and Premieres. I have been involved in all of those productions this year, whether acting, directing, or designing, so I know what makes each one special and enjoyable to participate in. I have really enjoyed my time with the Red Masquers and feel compelled to give back to the people within the organization at least some of the joy they have given me. I thank you for your consideration, and please vote Ellie for VP!



Hi everyone! I’m Emma Moore and I am running for Vice President of the Red Masquers. I believe I would be a good fit for VP as I am almost always in the theater, I have become familiar with all chair positions and their responsibilities and I have had the privilege to work on every show in some capacity since I started here at Duquesne. 


I am an active presence in the theater and can get along with everyone. I would like to work together with the board and chairs to bring the Masquers community back together as a cohesive unit. I plan to work closely with the chairs and help out in any capacity they need. The better we all work together the stronger our organization becomes. My goal is to build our organization up & put on amazing shows. 


I look forward to the new season and can’t wait to jump back in! Thank you for your consideration :) 



My name is Makenzie Barchiesi and I am running for your 2023-24 Secretary for the Red Masquers! I have been doing theater ever since I was little, and I just fell in love with how the Masquers runs things and is such a great community! I played in SpongeBob the Musical, One Acts for Charity, and I was behind the scenes for Burlesque on the Bluff! I think I meet the requirements for this role as I am very passive and love to communicate with everyone! I am very detail oriented and like to take charge! I hope you choose me to be your Secretary for the Red Masquer year of 2023-24! 



Morgan Sandzimier is running for the position of Secretary for the Red Masquers. She is a rising sophomore double majoring in Theater Arts and English! Her experience with the Red Masquers includes performing as Karen the Computer in SpongeBob the Musical, Burlesque on the Bluff, Fall Play in a Day, and Premiers 46, as well as Assistant Stage-Managing Mud and Spring Play in a Day, she has also assisted with house and hair/makeup departments. Morgan has also helped in the ad/pr department this year and plans to continue to help that department in the future. Morgan is interested in the position of secretary because she values the Red Masquers organization, and she wants to help elevate the strengths and maintain the welcoming and accepting community that is felt within the organization. As secretary, she will record the minutes of all Red Masquer meetings, take notes, and make announcements via email regarding events, auditions, meetings, etc. Morgan is a good candidate for the secretary position, and she is ready and willing to take on the responsibilities.




Hello!! I’m Rachel Potts and I’m running for Historian on the Red Masquers Executive Board for the 2023-2024 school year. A bit about me, I’m a Secondary Education English & English double major with a minor in theater arts, my favorite drink is Kool Aid, and this one you know: I’m running for Historian!! The Red Masquers Historian is responsible for preserving the memories and amazing moments of the Masquers year by creating a record of all activities, performances, the yearbook, merch, and maintaining the show hallway. They work hand in hand with the other board members, chairs, general members, faculty, and alumni of the organization to continue the legacy of the program. 

I believe I’m a good fit for the position because I try to work creatively, thinking outside the box at all times. Every member of the Red Masquers community works hard, and I want to be right up next there with the board helping guide us to the next amazing memories we will make together. Even though I’ve only spent one year with everyone I feel so welcomed, and I want to continue this and be able to share this with new and current members of the organization. This year I had the pleasure of working on six out of the eight productions put on, and in a variety of ways. I worked as an actor, a board technician, an assistant stage manager, a hair and makeup and costume designer, and am stage managing our current production of Premieres 46.

 This organization has given me some of the best friends I ever met, the best memories I ever made, and I want to give back to it and all its members. I am so excited for everything the next year brings, and hope I am able to be an even bigger part of this theater. I want to make some history with everyone, so choose me for your Historian!! 



Hi! My name is Anna Hladio and I am running for historian for the Red Masquers 2023-2024 season. This season, I have been a part of three main stage productions. This year in the Masquers has been nothing but positives—connections, experiences, and opportunities present me with new ways to challenge myself. I always spend time in the theater, whether I be at rehearsal, in class, or there for fun. Documenting the processes that take place is amazing for every facet of the Red Masquers. With the title of historian, I will have the responsibility of documenting and compiling media collected from the 2023-2024 season. I want future Masquers to be able to look back on our season and see what they’ve grown through and how they’re turning out. I love what we do in this organization and I would love to be present in memorializing next season!

All current Red Masquers will be able to vote on the 2023-2024 Executive Board through CampusLink. Check your email for more information!

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